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Excel File Found Unreadable, Possible Solutions

Unreadable file is a frequent error in Microsoft Excel, which usually occurs when the file breaks. When you open it, the error may appear that Excel has found content that cannot be read. A possible solution to this bug is the following:

  • Open Microsoft Excel software
  • Click on File, then on Open, a window opens to select the file you want to open
  • Find your file, select it with a single click. Now you should have your file selected in blue.
  • At the bottom of the window, you will see the Open button and next to it an arrow, press it and select Open and repair.
  • Click on Repair in the window that opens, and see if you are lucky and the problem is solved.
In case it is fixed, remember to backup your repaired file.

Another method to correct this error can be:

  • Click File and then click
  • Under New, click the Blank Workbook option.
  • Then click the File menu and click
  • In the Formulas category, choose Manual under Calculation Options and click
  • Click the File menu and then click
  • Navigate to the corrupted workbook and then double click to open.

Lastly you can try using external references to link to the damaged book

Make use of external references to link to the corrupted workbook, to fix the Excel unreadable content error. Please note: implementing this will help you to retrieve only the data content, the formulas or the calculated values are not

Follow the steps to do it:

  • Click File> Open> browse to the saved folder of the corrupt file.
  • Now right click on the file> click Copy from context menu.
  • Again, click File> New> New Option> click Blank Workbook.
  • Now in cell A1 of the new workbook> type = Filename! A1 (File Name indicates the name of the damaged workbook copied in step 2).
  • If the Update Settings box appears> click the corrupt workbook>
  • If the Select Sheet box appears> click the appropriate sheet>
  • Then choose cell A1> click Home> click Copy (or, Ctrl + C).
  • Starting at cell A1> choose the same area size as the cell range in the damaged workbook.
  • Click Start> choose Paste (or Ctrl + V).
  • Keep the cell range selected> click Home> Copy.
  • Lastly, click Home> click the arrow linked to Paste> under Paste Values, click Values.
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  Microsoft Excel OOXML File
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  Microsoft Excel
  Microsoft OneDrive