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Open XLSX files on Android

Recently, portable devices such as smartphones and tablets have started to gain ground when it comes to working with office documents, as most smartphones today offer very powerful hardware, with many-core processors, large amounts of RAM and large and comfortable screens, which allow us to carry out our tasks in the same way as if we were at a computer, but being in any situation, even on the bus or the subway.

Such is the case of Android, which could not be missing and be out of this trend. Currently on Android there is a wide variety of excellent quality office apps available, including the possibility of using the most popular tools, such as Microsoft Office, but also Google's own apps, as well as hundreds of other tools designed with the purpose of dealing with office paperwork from our phone without hassle.

Apps for the office on Android are not lacking. Precisely, in the case that you need to open an XLSX file on Android, you can do it in the simplest and fastest way possible with some of the tools that we will mention below.

The first of the tools to open an XLSX file on Android is of course the original, that is, the app designed by Microsoft: Excel. Having the option of being able to view and edit XLSX files, in addition to all other formats. It includes most of the functions offered by the full desktop version, which allows us to work with Excel from our phone as if we were on the PC.

The second option, and also one of the best for its characteristics and advantages is Google Sheets, and coming from Google, maximum quality and stability are guaranteed. We also have the option of viewing and editing Excel spreadsheets in XLSX format in the same way as if we were using Excel, with the exception that we will not have to enter another account on the phone to be able to use the app, as it happens with Excel. 

Finally, ZohoSheet, an impressive app for viewing and creating spreadsheets, which of course has the ability to view Excel XLSX files. This Zoho software has been developed with a view to spreadsheets, and it does not belong to an office suite for Android, we can only use spreadsheets with it, which nevertheless becomes an advantage, if we only try with these types of documents.

So the options for Android and XLSX are varied and with most of the usual features of Excel for desktop.

File Extension Info

XLSX Quick Info
  Microsoft Excel OOXML File
Opens with
  Microsoft Excel
  Microsoft OneDrive