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How to save XLSX file in OpenOffice

The open source OpenOffice is a fully functional free alternative to Microsoft Office Excel program. However, Excel is still used as an industry leading office suite. In fact its XLS format was a spreadsheet standard de facto for years. Then, in 2007, Microsoft introduced their XLSX format, with its Excel 2007 application and the advances that this format represents.

OpenOffice does not have a component for reading and saving XLSX files with Calc at the time. That is why a brief procedure of saving to XLS and converting from XLS to XLSXmust be done to achieve such compatibility.

Instructions for OpenOffice save as XLSX

  1. Open the Calc document in OpenOffice. It will have an 'ODS' file extension.
  2. Make the necessary edits. To ensure that this document is still compatible with OpenOffice, make any changes and save it in ODS format.
  3. Now save it as an Excel XLS document. From the 'File' menu, select 'Save As' In the dialog window, select the version of Excel you want to use and XLS file extension from the 'Save Type' drop-down menu.
  4. Click "Save" to save the file in XLS format.
  5. Open the XLS file in Microsoft Excel or to make sure the information was converted correctly.
  6. Click "Save as..." from the Microsoft Excel menu and select "XLSX" as an output format. In online version of Excel you need to click "Save as..." and then select "Download a copy" in order to download the document in XLSX file format.

Among the additional features of the OpenOffice suite is its compatibility with other file formats including XLS, XLT, WPD, WPS and many more, which ensures that work done in OpenOffice can be opened and edited in other programs.

File Extension Info

XLSX Quick Info
  Microsoft Excel OOXML File
Opens with
  Microsoft Excel
  Microsoft OneDrive